What's causing all the violence?

With news of riots and shootings consistently happening across the country, it’s easy to see why so many people think today’s society is extremely violent. It makes many families fearful to travel to school or even go out to the store. What has led to so much violence and so much fear? There are likely a few contributors, with media being at the top of the list.

Contributing factors

Glorifying Sex & Violence

It’s easy to see that there is a lot more adult content on readily accessible television shows these days than there were a few decades ago. Explicit nudity and violence are commonplace, even for shows that air before kids’ bedtimes. The glorification of sex and violence and even the glorifying of criminal characters leads many impressionable minds to reenact what they see on TV, usually regretting it afterwards when it’s too late and the damage is done.

Hollywood Is Desensitizing Us

Although movies tend to have ratings that are supposed to keep younger audiences away from gratuitous violence, kids still find access to them. Some filmmakers attempt to push the limits when it comes to how much violence they can get away with, and this can lead to desensitization toward violent acts. Young viewers especially might wish to replicate what they see on the big screen just because it looks cool; after all, it seemed pretty cool in the movie.

Is Punishing Violence Enough?

Violent acts are often perpetrated by younger men. In my area, an injury attorney Dallas residents commonly hire when seeking compensation, says that many violent acts are caused by young people under 30 years of age. There are laws in place to punish violent criminals and protect victims, but is it enough? The real focus should be on crime prevention, seeking the reason why some people are committing crimes in the first place, then we should act accordingly.

What will you do about violence?

Some people blame fearmongering in the media and access to weapons for all the violence that is rampant in society, but that doesn’t help prevent crime. We need proactive measures. Parents should know what their children are exposed to over the internet, on television, and in the movies. People who commit violent acts should be brought to justice. As a member of society, it’s important not to sit idly by but to make your voice heard that there are serious consequences to violence and to help find real crime prevention solutions.